Yinka Fisher

Mr. Fisher David Adeyinka is a Chartered Accountant, had his first degree in Economics from Lagos State University and proceed to University of Ibadan for his Master programme in Economics and specialised in monetary economies and in the same University he did another Master program in Industrial Labour Relation and also had certification on Micro Finance development by world Bank , after which went to Canada to study Business Development Program and also at India where he studied Entrepreneurship Development Program at ICECD Institute at Ahmadabad. He later went to Malaysia to study policy and frame work for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises and at Indonesia where he study Business Counselling Development. In 2016 he has certification on ISO 9001 by UNIDO on Management Information System on Standard and in 2017 another certification by UNIDO on ISO 14001 on Business Environment. In 2018, he had fellowship of Institute of Certified Business Consultants, Nigeria (ICBC)

His working career started as a business marketer, later as a Teacher and lecturer at various Universities on part time basis then join National Productivity Center, a Research Organisation as senior research officer and presently, heworks with Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria as the State Co-ordinator in Lagos State.

He has been into various businesses like recycling, school, farming, business development and consultancy services for small businesses on business plan preparation and implementation.