Dr. Marilyn Jalloh


Name               :           Marie Marilyn Conteh – Jalloh (Chap. Dr. Hon. Rev.)

Place of Birth  :           Kamakwie, Sella Limba Chiefdom, Karena District

Nationality      :           Sierra Leonean

Religion           :           Christian

Marital Status  :           Married with two children

Dependants     :           Two (2)

Languages       :           English Language, Limba, Temne and Krio

Address           :           31 New Signal Hill Road, Freetown

Mobile             :           076-656-135/ Whatsapp _23276656135

Email               :           marilynjalloh@gmail.com



Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PhD) in Education                                                        2015 – 2018

University Entrepreneurship & Technology Delaware – USA – Nigeria Okeho Oyo state Ibadan

  • Doctoral Thesis on Religious Practices & Its Impact on Society” (Case Study Sierra Leone)

Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Extension Education & Rural Sociology                   2005- 2007

Njala University, Njala, Sierra Leone

  • Major courses studied Research Methodology, Gender, Community Development, Rural development, Project Planning & Appraisal, Principles and Methods of Extension, Adult Education and Communication and Management of Rural Development Programmes

Bachelor in Education                                                                                                             2000-2003

Milton Margai College of Education and Technology-Goderich, Sierra Leone

Agric Education & Community Development Studies (CODs) Division 2

  • Project Management, Issues in Development Studies, Education Principles, Research, Curriculum Theories, Administration & Education Methodologies, Conflict Management & Peace Education, Disaster Management, Local Politics & Administration Guidance & Counseling, Measurement & Evaluation, Child Psychology, Agric Education & Extension, crops & soil science. 

Higher Teachers Certificate in Education                                                                         1988-1991

Makeni Teachers College, Makeni, Sierra Leone

  • Agriculture Science and Community Development Studies – Division 2. 


  • Certificate in the Power of Women’s Leadership & Movement Building on Gender Based Violence/Sexual Reproductive Health Rights – Uganda.
  • Certificate in the Completion of the Changing Geo- Politics of Oil & Gas , Identifying and Managing Political risk Sierra Leone
  • Diploma in Principles of Modern Management & Administration. – College of Professional Management –UK.
  • Certificate in Empowering Rural Women in Cairo- Egypt
  • A Certificate on Why Projects Fail in Public Sector : International Forum on Project Management in Public Sector – SIOTOH Training & Professional Dev. –USA conducted in Dubai -UAE
  • Certificate in Mining Governance & Africa Down Under Study Tour – Perth, Western Australia.
  • National Patron Certificate in Para Military Chaplaincy in Sierra Leone, Affiliate to the US Marine Corps as Chaplain in the Universal Chaplain Corps & Rescue Mission (UCCRM) and Association of African & African Americans Professional Chaplains.
  • Certificate as an ordained minister of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ by Active World International Ministry (AWIMS).


  • Country Consultant for the Ambassadors Girls Scholarship Programme (AGSP)in 46 African countries for the Sierra Leone Programme World Education Inc. based in USA.
  • Consultancy for the training of APC women in Sierra Leone on intra-party dialogue and peaceful co-existence.
  • Consultant for the training of APC women in Sierra Leone on intra-party dialogue and peaceful co-existence. A consultant for Rural Agric. Development Programme Sierra Leone (RADEP-SL) in the East and Northern regions of Sierra Leone hired by Food And Agricultural Organization of the United Nations FAO Representative in Sierra Leone

Decentralization Secretariat (Dec. Sec)                                              June 2006 –July 2006       

Consultant for the training of Ward Committees and Local councils in Bombali District.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Trained ward committees on the local government act.
  • Trained ward committees on their roles and responsibilities in the local council
  • Trained ward committees on decentralization processes.
  • Trained ward committees on Human rights, Transparency and accountability.
  • Resource mobilization and management of project funds.
  • The role of women in politics and carried out advocacy and linkages on the relevance of Decentralization.
  • Report compiled and submitted to the Programme Coordinator of Dec. Sec.
  • Consultancy on gender and climate change in the Mano River Union hired by STEWARD Sierra Leone                                                                                                                             Jan- June 2014 


POLITICAL EXPERIENCE                                                                           Jan   2012 – April 2018  

Minister of Government in the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry & Food Security    

Deputy Minister (1) charged with the responsibilities of supervising the Ministry, Its Departments & Agencies and often acted as substantive Minister. Presenting cabinet proposals, papers, bills, in the House of Parliament. Represented H.E .in both National and International Foras.

  • Extension Division (Capacity Building, Women in Agriculture and Nutrition Mitigation, Safety Net Issues.
  • Small Holders Commercialization Programme Component one.
  • Livestock Division, Animal Health Meat, Food Production and value addition,
  • Crops Division
  • Research and Extension
  • NGO and Private Sector Line Ministries Coordination. 

Member of Parliament for the Sierra Leone Government                          August 2007-2012

Parliamentary Representative for Constituency 35 (Sella Limba/Sanda Loko)   

  • Chair Person for Parliamentary Committee on HIV/AIDS.
  • Member of the Appointment on the Public Service Commtiitee Education and Agriculture Committees.
  • Member of PGA & World Bank Committees.
  • Secretary for Bombali Dist. Parliamentary Caucus January to February 2008 : Consultant for Food &Agric. Organization on the formulation of Rural & Agricultural Development Programme (RADEP) Mission.

Community Development & Gender Specialist                                      August 2006- July 2007

International Fund for Agric. Development (IFAD) & African Development Bank (ADB) Rehabilitation & Community Based Poverty Reduction project (RCPRP) and Agric. Sector Rehabilitation Project (ASREP) projects.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Identified Implementing Partners and developed Terms of References for implementation.
  • Coordinate and supervise the implementation of RCPRP/ASREP projects in 7 districts of Kono, Kialahun, Portloko, Kambia, Moyamba, Pujehun and Kenema.
  • Designed strategies for Community Moblilizattion, Participatory Planning, Gender and HIV/AIDS etc.
  • Prepared AWPB for community development and gender mainstreaming sector of the project.
  • Conduct TOT for project staff and NGO’s and community leaders on PRA tools, gender issues & HIVAIDS.
  • Monitored and supervised the field work of MAFS field staff, implementing partners & Communities.
  • Participated in the design of M& E tools, baseline survey instruments as well as assessing project performance and impact in the districts.
  • Evaluated the performance of implementing partners to ensure compliance in achieving project impact.
  • Notified project management of any emerging implementation issues at community levels.
  • Aligned the project field activities into district development programmes, plans of actions & other ongoing projects in the districts and ensured harmonization and efficient utilization of scarce resources.
  • Promoting Gender and Learning Systems (GALS)
  • Submitted monthly progress report to the Programme Coordinator
  •  Any other activities assigned by the Programme Coordinator. 

Country Representative Sierra Leone                                                        Feb 2005 – to June 2006

World Education Inc. Boston Massachusetts –USA                           

Consultancy for the management of the Ambassador Girl Scholarship Programme (AGSP) in Sierra Leone covering Bombali, Portloko, Koinadugu, Kono, Kenema & Kailahun Districts.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Established preliminary contracts with different stakeholders
  • Identified Implementing Partners for the AGSP Country programme
  • Coordinated the selection of target communities within the Country.
  • Coordinated activities of 5 Local organizations/Community Based Organization in the country
  • Ensured the writing of country work plans and annual and semi/annual reports
  • Negotiated & approve partners’ work plans and budgets
  • Coordinated partner training needs assessment
  • Supported partners in the development of the selection process for scholarship recipients (criteria, actors, process)
  • Facilitated discussions on mentoring activities
  • Carried out financial and technical training for Implementing Partners.
  • Encouraged synergy & collaboration between partners working in girls’ education
  • Ensured proper communication between key program players in the country and AGSP
  • Ensured an effective management of scholarship funds that comply with World Education & USAID regulations
  • Ensured proper activity implementation & monitoring
  • Ensured proper management of scholarship funds.
  • Coordinate AGSP activities with Min. of Education and other stakeholders in the country.

Food Commodities Manager                                                            May 2004 –November 2005

Africare SL, An International in the Development Relief Programme (DRP) USAID funded project- Kailahun  District.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Coordinated with CRS on receipt and transportation of food commodities for Distribution & Food For Work (FFW) Activities.
  • Verified and certified quantity of food commodities before transported to warehouse.
  • Reconciled figures after food, seed and tools distribution and FFW interventions in the field.
  • Directly supervised the Food Commodity Supervisor, and Food Aid Monitors and conducted performance evaluation.
  • Carried out quarterly monitoring visits to warehouse in Daru and to projects areas.
  • Prepared and submitted monthly reports, meetings & workshop reports.
  • Coordinated project activities to other staff members.
  • Provided support to agric. Seeds and tools supply.
  • Provided documentations on Agric/Health related activities.

Founder/ Executive Director                                                                          August 2000 – May 2004

Community Action for Development Programs & Services Sierra Leone (CADEPS)-SL

A National Non-Governmental Organization, Coordinated Development Projects in Sierra Leone

Specific Responsibilities

  • Developed project proposals to donors for funding.
  • Coordinated the implementation of funded projects in project areas.
  • Advocacy role & linkages and Enhanced the monitoring and evaluation of projects.
  • Carried out the daily administrative/financial management of project staff.
  • Carried out research activities at field levels.
  • Carried out staff training and community capacity building training.
  • Developed progress reports to donors.
  • Signed project contracts on behalf of the Organization.
  • Developed strategies for project implementation and sustainability.

Country Consultant & Research Associate                                           Aug. 2001 – Nov. 2002

Department for International Fund  – Community Reintegration Program ((IFID/CRP)

  • Contracted as a consultant Research Associate and carried out a research In the Postwar Gender roles in Western Area and Northern Regions of Sierra Leone
  • Developed and submitted a report on the research carried out 

District Animator for Bombali District                                                                          1998-2000

World Vision Sierra Leone, Transition Initiatives Program (TIP)

Specific Responsibilities

  • Implemented Civil Society Activities Including Human Rights, Democracy & Peace Building, Gender & Child Right Protection, Advocacy And Support To Youth Initiatives.
  • Trained Community Based Organizations in Project Proposal Writing.
  • Appraised/Reviewed Project Proposals for Community Based Organizations for funding.
  • Supervised funded projects in Bombali District.
  • Monitoring & Evaluation of funded projects.
  • Attended inter agency meetings
  • Developed strategies for implementing Civil Society Projects

World Vision International (Sierra Leone) – 1999

As a result of the war, relocated to Guinea Conakry Forecariah Prefecture assisting in Trauma Healing and Peace Building Initiatives for Sierra Leonean Refugees.

World Vision Sierra Leone – 2000

Relocated to Freetown as Staff Coordinator & Logistics Officer. Coordinate field activities and perform other Administrative functions in the TIP Program WVSL. Promoted to an Office Manager with responsibilities of supervising administrative operations in accordance with WVSL policies.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Facilitated the procurement of office supplies and staff logistics
  • Performed other administrative duties on staff recruitment, vehicle management and personnel issues.
  • Worked in collaboration with HR officer and Finance Officer on the daily running of TIP Program.

Programme Officer                                                                                                                   1993-1998

Action Aid International (Sierra Leone)

Worked with Vulnerable Communities in Kamakwie Bombali District and Madina in Kambia District.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Developed sustainable development programmes and develop capacity of communities to develop plans & budget.
  • Supervised & monitor field activities
  • Facilitated the implementation of projects through Community Based Management Systems in income generating activities, agricultural resettlement projects, health and education
  • Formal & non-formal education (REFLECT) approach & development using the Participatory Research Appraisal Techniques.
  • Monitoring of projects at community levels
  • Child Sponsorship Program (A major funding mechanism to support projects), gender awareness, raising campaigns, youth development, peace building initiatives and the development of strategies for program intervention in Development area. 

Teacher in Agriculture & Biology                                                                                        1991-1993

SLMB Secondary School, Makeni 


2007 – 2012
2012 – 2018 Seminar on AGM/ ELECTION OF New Governing Council organized by the Institute of Company & Commercial Accountants(Chartered) of Nigeria on Inefficiency Management of SMEs, National Development Enterpreneurship & Commercial Accountants.
February – 2008 Workshop in the Gambia, organized by world Education Inc. International
March 2008 Attended a workshop organized by AWARE-HIV/AIDS in Bamako- Mali on HIV/AIDS lessons learnt for West and Central African Countries.
March –April 2008 Member of the APC delegation Visit to China Beijing & Nanchang Province on fundraising strengthening the Sierra Leone Chinese Relationship
April 2008 Attended a workshop organized by AWARE-HIV/AIDS/UNAIDS/UNDP in Dakar- Senegal on HIV/AIDS with Human rights & Gender perspective  for West and Central African


October 2007 Attended a week workshop organized by the Framework Convention against Tobacco in Ghana.
Jan.2008 October 2008 Series of capacity building workshops for parliamentarians on their roles and responsibilities, governance and development issues.
March 2007 A three days TOT leadership training for women in Politics, organized by 50/50 group with funding from Oxfam –Sierra Leone
July 2006 A TOT workshop on ward committee training, organized by Decentralization Secretariat in Bo Sierra Leone.
January –February 2006 Attended an Ambassador Girl’s Scholarship Programme (AGSP) workshop in Ghana on strategic planning and mentoring programme for primary school girls.
February 2005 Attended a consultative workshop organized by SALWACO on /energy policy and management.
March 2005 International workshop on orientation on the Ambassador Girls Programme (AGSP) in Dakar Senegal.
September 2004 Reproductive Health Policy Development Workshop
September 2004 SALWACO, Workshop on Water Energy Management Policy Consultative


August 2004 Ministry of Health & Sanitation, Workshop to Develop Infant and Young Child Feeding Guidelines.
July 2004 CRS, Attended a Workshop on FFS in Kabala
May 2004 Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security, Workshop on Agriculture Policy and Review of Policy Document on Food Security
January 2004 Rotary Club International (Lewis Sussex – United Kingdom), Workshop and  Presentation on Sierra Leone Reintegration Process and CADEPS activities
August 2003 National Aids Secretariat, Workshop on HIV/AIDS Prevention & Implementation of HIV/AIDS.  Mechanism to implement HIV/AIDs Projects.
June 2003 MMCET – SL, Attended three days Seminars on Trauma Counseling, Drug Abuse, Conflict Resolution and Peace Building.
2000 World Vision Sierra Leone (WVSL), West African Regional Office Financial Management Workshop.
2000 Management Systems International/Office Transition Initiatives/USAID International Module Development Workshop in Guinea Conakry on Peace & Nation Building Organized by USAID.
1999 United Nation Humanitarian Commission Refugees (UNHCR)

Attended a Workshop on Family Tracing and Reunification at Kaliah Camp in Foracariah, Guinea.

1999 WVSL workshop on Leadership Training & Management
1999 Forum for African West Women Educationalists (FAWE) Trauma Healing, Conflict Resolution & Gender
1999 WVSL/CADO Community Animation & Participatory Development Workshop.
1998 United Nation Development Fund/ SLANGO

Training of Trainers Workshop in Community Capacity Building, Project Development, Financial Management and Participatory Impact Management (PIM)

1997 Action Aid Sierra Leone

–          Emergency Scenario Planning Workshop for Program Intervention in conflict situations.

–          Participated in assessments and documentation of emergency experiences in chiefdoms affected by the war.

–          Participated in the review process of AASL Development Area 1 Kambia District to develop phase out strategies.

1996 International Training of Trainers in Uganda

–  Regenerated Frerian Literacy Empowering Community Techniques (REFLECT)

–  Workshop on Non Formal Education Techniques for one week.

–  Workshop on adult learning.

1995 ActionAid Sierra Leone

–    Training of Trainers Workshop in Adult Learning Theories & Technologies

–          Workshop on Participatory Rural Appraisal in Workshop with Rural Communities.

–          Child Sponsorship Workshop

1994 AASL/Sierra Leone Opporltunities

Industrialization Center (SL-OIC) Training in Basic Leadership & Financial Management Skills

1993 Sierra Leone Adult Education (SLEDEA)

Attended Workshop in Adult Education


1990 – 1991  Minister of Energy & Power, Makeni Teachers College, Students Union Government.
1995 -1997 President Catholic Women’s Association St. Peter’s Church Kamakwie -Kamalo Parish.
1995 – 1996 Member of the Board of Trustees – Wesleyan Secondary School Kamakwie
2002 – 2003 Minister of Education, Milton Margai College of Education & Technology – Goderich, Student Union Government.
2000 -2007 Founder & Executive Secretary  of the Board of Trustees – Community Action for Dev. Programmes & Services
2005-2007 Founder of the Bombali District Women’s Network- Bombali
2007 -2017 Secretary General of the All People’s Congress (APC) Congress -Countrywide
2017- 2018 Vice President of the APC Women’s Congress
2010 – 2018 Founder of Marie Jalloh Foundation , a child advocacy and  support Network for children, less privileged, Physically challenged
2015 – Date Founder of the Sierra Leone Women Farmers Forum (SleWOFF) countrywide a network of women farmers of Sierra Leone.
2010 –Date As Pastor, Reverend & Apostle of the Ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ, overseeing the Glory of God Prophetic Int. Ministries. With branches in the East, West, North & South of Sierra Leone
Dec. 2017 As member and Fellow of the Institute of Company & Commercial Accountants – Nigeria
2015-2018 As Chaplain General of the Universal Chaplain & Rescue Mission (UCCRM) & West African American Chaplain Association (WAACA). Vice President of the Matrons of Chaplains Sierra Leone
2015-2018 Secretary General for the Capitol Ministries USA –Sierra Leone Programme
2010 -2018 Chairperson for the West African Agric. Productivity Programme now referred to West African Transformation Programme in the Regional Committee as Serra Leone Representative.

PUBLICATION (Unpublished)

  • A Comparative study on Post war Gender Issues in Bombali Sebora
  • A comparative Study of two children on the physical development from six months to the adolescence.
  • Research on the changing gender roles in Post war North/Western Sierra Leone.
  • Research on gender mainstreaming in Agriculture.
  • The impact of Religious Practices in Society ( Sierra Leone A Case Study) 2018 Doctoral Thesis


1992-2000 – Based in the field

2003-2007– Based in Freetown

2007-2018 – Based in Freetown


2007-2012  Five years as a sitting Member of Sierra Leone Parliament.
2011 – 2012 Chairperson of the Oversight Parliamentary Committee in Education.
2009 -2011 Chairperson of the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on HIV/AIDS.
2010-2011 Member of the National Aids Council Sierra Leone
2007 -2012           Member of the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Appointment of the Public Service.
2011-2012 Chairperson for the Parliamentary Network of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.
2010-2012 Member of the Female Parliamentarians Network.


  • Global Power Women’s Network Africa Summit Rainbow Tower- Harrare-Zimbabwe. Annual General Meeting of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund Washington D.C. –USA.
  • High Level meeting
  • Attended a High level meeting on HIV/AIDS in New York USA. Create a supportive environment for health interventions including the fight against HIV/AIDS HELD IN Banjul, The Gambia.
  • USA: High Level Meeting on women, peace building. Third Regional Conference for African Women in Political Leadership organized by FEMNET held in Kenya.
  • Attended an Experience sharing workshop in Rwandan with Sierra Leone Parliamentary caucus and the Female caucus in Rwanda in August 2010. Monitor 2011 U.K. elections as an International observer, representing Leone.
  • Attended a Training Of Trainers workshop on using the Ambassadors Girls Scholarship Programme Mentoring Guide in Accra –Ghana.
  • ECOWAS Parliamentarians and Media Workshop on Inclusive Education –Abuja, Nigeria. A member of the high power APC delegation meeting in Beijing China on strengthening ties between the newly elected APC Party and the Chinese Government. Attended a West African Tobacco Control Workshop held in Accra –Ghana.
  • AGSP Regional Workshop held in Dakar Senegal. International regional conference on HIV/AIDS laws in West and Central Africa


  • IITA SARD – SC Cassava Project Award- 2017
  • Patriotic Sierra Leone National Development Award 2016
  • First Pentecostal Assembly of God Church Award – Excellence as Live   Patron – 2016.
  • The Sierra Leone Ovation Award – As one of the Top 100 most influential Sierra Leone in 2016.
  • Agenda for prosperity – National Prosperity and Achievement – Award 2014 – 2015
  • Diaspora Focus, For Meritorious Humanitarian Work done in the Fight Against Ebola in Sierra Leone – Award 2014
  • Empowerment & Development for Women and Girls Certificate Award 2014
  • The Sierra Leone Children AID Foundation – in Collaboration with Girls Empowerment  Foundation (NAC – DEA) 2016 – Certificate of Merit  2014
  • Youth Advocacy Movement (YAM) Sierra Leone – Certificate of Appreciation.
  • Sports Commentators and Analyst Association 2013
  • Sierra Leone Investigative Journalism Award – 2013
  • Media Alliance for Business Administration and Development                                      Certificate of Merit
  • Girls Advocacy Network S/L (GAN-SL) – Pejehun District Date: 13th July 2013. Nation Mother of Substance.
  • All Political Parties Women Association
  • Chaplains in collaboration with association of West Africa Chaplin, present to Hon. Rev. Chap. Dr. Marie M. Conteh Jalloh.
  • Global icon Award – in recognition your leadership in Humanitarians, services peace building and universal fight for freedom – 7/9/2017
  • Sierra Leone Ovation Award – Hon. Marie Jalloh- This Sierra Leone Ovation Award , AS One of the Top 100 most Influential Sierra Leoneans in 2016. Presented by Sirra Ovation Magazine, Eco-Media Cooperation African Media Inc.
  • Christ Solution Bible Church youth – Appreciation for promoting the Lord Christ Ministry


  • Young Graduate, Interns and Volunteers (YOGRA-INTERVOL) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security.
  • 2012 Awarded as Ambassador For Peace by the United Peace Federation Interreligious & International Federation for World Peace
  • 2009 /2010: Nominated for National Achievement Award for the Best Parliamentarian of the Year.
  • 2010: Certificate of Award by Sella Limba Development Association for outstanding contribution to Sella Limba development.
  • 2010: Certificate of Honour awarded by Al-muhajireen Islamic Mission Sierra Leone for Supreme, Self-less sacrifice to the development of the mission.
  • 2010 certificate of Recognition awarded by Comium Sierra Leone in collaboration of the Female Parliamentary Caucus for diligent work and service to women’s development “ Developing Women for a better Sierra Leone”
  • 2007 CERTIFICATE OF HONOUR for outstanding performance in promoting women’s issues and the empowerment of women in their communities and in National development.
  • Framework Convention Alliance USA, certificate of Award for pioneering the Ratification of FCTC in SL.
  • 2002/2003: a certificate of merit is awarded as Minister of Education Students Union Government MMCET-Goderich. 
2010 -2012 Member Board of Directors Buckner Foundation Sierra Leone, a charity organization.
September 2011 A member of International Female Based Organization in Kenya (FEMNET)
2008 A member of Akina Mama Africa International, a Ugandan based female organization
2010-2012 Chairperson of the SLMB Sec. School Kamakwie
2011 –July 2012 Founder Member and National Secretary General for the All Political Parties Women’s Association (APPWA –SL).
2012 A member of Global Power Women’s Network based in Zimbabwe
2011 A member of FEMNET –an international women’s organization based in Kenya (East Africa)
2010 A proud member of AWIL 2010, An alumni association of African Women Leaders based in Uganda.
2011 A member of the Board of Trustees for a national NGO AAD-Sl
2010 former chairperson of Coalition on Tobacco Control – Sierra Leone
2010 Board Member Kamakwie Wesleyan Sec. School
2010 Chairperson National Movement for Emancipation and Progress (NAMEP)
2009- date National Secretary for Women’s Congress of the All Peoples Congress ruling party
2011-2012 A board member, CADEPS-SL
2006 –2008 Founder and Chairperson of the Bombali District Women’s Network (BODWON –SL).
1996-2002 Founder and Executive Director Community Action for Dev. Progs. & Services (CADEPS-SL)
2006-Date A  member of the 50/50 group, a women’s advocacy group
2005 A member of Forum for African Women Educationalist-SL
2000-2003 A member of the Bombali District Student Association
1993-1998 President of the Catholic Women’s Association


His Excellency President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma

President of the Republic of Sierra Leone



Mr. Tejan Kellah

Programme Coordinator

RCPRP/ASREP/FRCIP Joint Portfolio projects


Tel: 232-76-678-976

Hon. SBB Dumbuya

Speaker of Parliament

Sierra Leone Parliament

Tel: 232-76-